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LG Display's Ultra-AMOLED displays were announced in August 2011, and were adopted by a single phone - the 2011 Optimus Sol. LG never revealed any details about those displays, besides saying that they include new technology that behaves better under sunlight compared to normal AMOLED displays - offering a 'two-fold advanced reflection rate'. We guess that (like Samsung's Super-AMOLED) these display included the touch-sensor in the display panel itself. Or perhaps they include a polarizing filter like Nokia's ClearBlack displays

LG Optimus Sol photo

LG further said that Ultra-AMOLEDs feature a superior color gamut and has less image quality degradation.

As we said, the only phone that adopted an Ultra-AMOLED display was the Optimus Sol. It had a 3.8" WVGA display and featured a Dark UI which conserved battery by 20%-30% (according to LG).

LG Display AMOLED fab

A short while after announcing their Ultra AMOLED displays, LG Display decided to stop making small-sized AMOLED panels, focusing instead on OLED TVs and plastic-based Flexible OLEDs.

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