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Chrysler's new Portal concept uses SDC's flexible OLED prototypes

Jan 06, 2017

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) unveiled its latest concept car, called the Chrysler Potal. This is an all-electric family-oriented minivan that is capable of semi-autonomous operation.

Chrysler Portal flexible OLED interior

The Portal includes several new technologies for FCA, and the dashboard makes use of two large displays as you can see above. According to OLEDNet, both displays are AMOLED displays developed by Samsung Display - the top elongated one is a flexible plastic-based OLED while the lower one is a glass-based 12" AMOLED.

Flexbile OLEDs Market Report

The EU launches a project to develop a 1-inch WUXGA flexible OLED microdisplay

Jan 05, 2017

The EU launched a new project call LOMID (Large cost-effective OLED microdisplays and their applications) that aims to develop next-generation large-area OLED microdisplays for VR and AR applications. The project's partners will produce flexible OLED microdisplays sized 13 x 21 mm (about 1-inch diagonal) with a resolution of 1200x1920 (2,300 PPI).

LOMID OLED microdisplay prototype (Fraunhofer FEP)

The project is led by the Fraunhofer FEP and other partners include MicroOLED, CEA-Leti and the University of Leipzig and the University of Oxford. The project will run until 31.12.2017. The Fraunhofer will demonstrate the prototype you see above at the SID-Mid-Europe Chapter Spring Meeting.

LGD to show case new OLED technologies at CES 2017

Jan 03, 2017

OLEDNet posted an article detailing the OLED technologies LG Display will showcase at CES 2017 in two days. LGD's most innovative displays will be a rollable 77" OLED TV panel and a double-isded UHD 77" display. LGD was also supposed to showcase a rollable OLED TV in CES 2016 - hopefully this time the company will actually show such a display in public.

LGD 18'' flexible OLED prototype photo

In addition to those 77" displays, LGD will also showcase a 55" transparent FHD OLED. LGD demonstrated a similar display at CES 2016, but hopefully this new display will be closer to commercialization and maybe LGD will indeed detail such plans at CES. OLEDNet says that the new transparent display will feature improved colors and more natural image quality.

AUO introduces a bi-directional foldable AMOLED display

Jan 02, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, at IDW 2016, AU Optronics introduced a new bi-directional foldable AMOLED display. This display can be bent both inwards and upwards, unlike previous foldable AMOLED prototypes which can only be bent in one direction.

AUO foldable bi-directional AMOLED structure

AUO says that the AMOLED structure limits the flexibility, and to overcome this the company replaced the circular polarizer usually used with a thin (10um) color filter array (apparently this is an WRGB display). AUO also used specially-located TFT and TFE (encapsulation) layers that endure many folding cycles - AUO says that the display can be bent more than 1.2 million times in 4mm curvature radius. The entire display thickness is 100 um.

DSCC sees rapid growth in OLED capacity and shipments from 2016 to 2021

Dec 29, 2016

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) released its new OLED supply, demand and equipment quarterly report, and the company supplied some interesting forecasts from that report.

DSCC sees OLED capacity rising from 7.5 million m2 in 2016 to 40.4 million m2 in 2021 - a CAGR of 52%. In terms of shipments, DSCC sees 389 million panels shipped in 2016, growing to 1.34 billion in 2012. Most of the capacity investment in the near future will be for flexible displays - and so flexible mobile OLED capacity will overtake rigid capacity in early 2018.

Lenovo demonstrates two foldable device prototypes

Dec 22, 2016

Lenovo recently demonstrated two new foldable device prototypes that use flexible OLED displays. First up is the CPlus, a smartphone that turns into a smartwatch or actually a smart "band" that is worn on the wrist.

The CPlus sports a 4.26" display, and is based on Android. Lenovo aims to make two version of this device, when it reaches the market - a small one and a large one.

JDI secures $635 million from INCJ to grow its OLED business and up its stake at JOLED

Dec 21, 2016

Last week we posted that Japan Display is set to raise its stake in JOLED for $100 million, following a $650 million USD cash injection from INCJ to grow its LCD and OLED business. JDI today confirmed this plan. The company received 45 billion yen ($382 million US) from INCJ in the form of unsecured subordinated convertible bonds and these funds will be used for R&D expenses on printing OLED technologies (and will probably include the $100 million for JOLED).

JDI JOLED business plan (December 2016)

JDI also received 30 billion yen (about $255 million US) from INCJ in the form of subordinated loan, and this money will go towards OLED R&D in the field of evaporation OLED technologies.

ETNews: LG Display partnered with Apple, Google and Microsoft to develop foldable displays

Dec 16, 2016

Korean news site ETNews says that LG Display is partnering with Apple, Google and Microsoft to develop a foldable OLED display for smartphones. The plan is for LGD to start producing such displays in 2018. LG Electronics is also part of this project, but apparently the first customers for these displays will be the three US-based companies.

ETNews calls these displays "out-foldable" displays, which probably means that the target devices are a smartphone-sized devices that open-up to have a tablet-like display. According to ETNews LGD recently developed an impressive prototype of those displays. LGD news is carrying out most of the development of this display.