Samsung shows its latest flexible, foldable and rollable OLED prototypes

Last week Samsung Display showed its latest flexible OLED prototypes, with some impressive new displays. We'll start with the OLED Cling Band, a sort of wrist smartwach that wraps around your hand.

Samsung also showed a 17.3" foldable laptop display, a rollable and foldable device (Rollable Flex) that is 12.4" when fully opened, tri-folded displays and more. These are not new displays, but it is clear that Samsung is pushing forward with its flexible display technology to new designs.


Samsung also demonstrated its foldable panels that can fold both inwards and outwards, Samsung brands these displays as Flex In & Out, and it detailed that they can work in a temperature range of -20 ºC to 60ºC. The company demonstrated how it performs bending tests at a wide range of temperatures (interestingly, at -20ºC it can withstand up to 30,000 folding cycles, while at 60ºC it can reach up to 150,000 cycles).

Another new screen type is the Flex Liple, a demonstration that shows how SDc's foldable screens can also wrap around the edges. 

Posted: Mar 01,2024 by Ron Mertens