LG Display to increase its WOLED panel shipments to Samsung, will reach almost 1 million units in 2024

According to a new report in Korea, LG Display aims to increase its OLED TV panel shipments to Samsung Electronics in 2024, and to reach almost 1 million units. 

Samsung 83S90C

Samsung has recently signed a five-year OLED TV panel supply agreement with LG Display, as the two Korean companies are increasing their collaboration to fend off competition from China. 


Samsung Electronics is using both LGD's WOLED panels, and SDC's QD-OLED panels (sometimes within the same TV model), and estimates it has a market share of around 22% of the whole OLED TV market. Samsung Electronics is seen go be changing its long-term premium TV market strategy. One potential casualty could be the company's own QD-OLED TV technology.

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Posted: Apr 15,2024 by Ron Mertens