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Sharp withdraws from the LCD TV market, the future of its display business is unclear

Japan-based Sharp Corp, an LCD display industry pioneer, announced that it will stop all of its large-area LCD production by the end of 2024. Sharp's Osaka-based factory was the last LCD TV fab in Japan, and it will be turned into a data center run by its subsidiary Sakai Display Products Corp.

Sharp says that its current midterm plans are strengthen its home appliances and office equipment businesses, by incorporating AI technologies. It also plans to sell its semiconductor business. Sharp says it will focus its remaining small/medium LCD display business on the automotive and VR sectors.

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Reports suggest that Nintendo has already finished developing the OLED version of the Switch 2 gaming console

In October 2021, Nintendo launched its first OLED gaming console, the Nintendo Switch OLED. The new OLED device is popular - eight months after the launch Nintendo announced it shipped over 5.8 million devices, and earlier this month the company announced it has sold over 7 million Nintendo Switch OLED devices in Japan alone.

Nintendo Switch OLED consoles image

In early 2024, we heard that Nintendo is working on its next-generation console that will replace the Switch and Switch OLED devices, which will utilize an 8" LCD display (produced by Sharp). This was a disappointment - especially as people seem to love the OLED display. But according to a new report, Nintendo has already finished the development of a Switch 2 OLED device, that will released shortly after the LCD model is launched (perhaps even still in 2024). The OLED, as in the original Switch OLED device, will be produced by Samsung Display.

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Sony launches its 2024 TV lineup, with a mid-range OLED TV and a top-tier MiniLED backlit QLED

Sony announced its 2024 TV lineup, and interestingly, the top model (the Bravia 9) is a Mini-LED backlit QLED TV. The entry-level model (the Bravia 7) is also a QLED display, while the mid-range model, the Bravia 8, is based on LGD's WOLED panels.

The Bravia 8 offers 55-, 65- and 77 inch 4K WOLED panels, Sony's OLED Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound system, an upgraded XR Processor, and the creator calibration picture settings. Sony's 2024 TVs will launch in the summer of 2024.

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Apple cancels its microLED wearable display project

Apple entered into the microLED display industry in 2014, following the company's LuxVue acquisition. Since then the company has been very active with microLED development, with a first goal of replacing its wearable OLED displays with its own microLED displays. 

Apple Watch

Apple started developing microLED displays for wearable devices years ago, first aiming to launch the first product in 2023. The project was delayed several times, as the cost of production for microLED displays was too high for Apple, to the point where it was suggested Apple's goal is to launch the first microLED watch in 2027. One of Apple's key microLED partners, ams-Osram is is building a $850 Million 8-inch microLED epiwafer factory in Malaysia, and yesterday ams-Osram announced that its "cornerstone project" (it did not name Apple specifically) got unexpectedly cancelled. 

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Omdia sees a rebound in the display production equipment market

Market research firm Omdia says that display production equipment sales will rebound in 2024 and reach $7.7 billion (154% over 2023), and will grow slowly in the near future, mainly driven by 8.6-Gen OLED production lines (used to make IT displays).

Omdia says that the new 8.6-Gen OLED fab require novel technologies, which results in high equipment costs. In 2024, 32% of all spending ($2.4 billion) will be for Samsung's A6 line, a large investment for a 15,000 monthly subtrates fab. BOE's investment in its upcoming B16 flexible 8.6-Gen line will be even higher - by 18% due to the backplane choice (LTPO over Samsung's oxide-TFT A6).

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BOE reports a 70% drop in profits in 2023, as demand for displays remains low

BOE Group says that profits in 2023 dropped almost 70% compared to 2023, as demand for displays is low. BOE says that its profit in 2023 will be in the range of 2.3 to 2.5 billion yuan (around $324 to $350 million USD). Including some nonrecurring items, the company expects to report a net loss of $77 - $100 million USD in 2023 (that's around 70% lower than the loss in 2022).

BOE 15-inch rollable OLED demo, Display Week 2023

BOE says that its LCD business was more profitable in 2023 - which likely means that its OLED business is still incurring losses. BOE updates that it shipped almost 120 million flexible AMOLED displays in 2023 (in October it said it sold over 100 million).

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Reports suggest that Nintendo will revert back to an LCD display in its next-gen Switch mobile gaming console

In October 2021, Nintendo launched its first OLED gaming console, the Nintendo Switch OLED. Eight months later, Nintendo announced it shipped over 5.8 million devices, as the Switch OLED is a popular device.

According to new reports/rumors, Nintendo is working on its next-generation console that will replace the Switch and Switch OLED devices, which will utilize an LCD display. The display will be 8-inch in size (bigger than the 7-inch OLED used in the Switch OLED) and will be produced by Sharp.

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The MicroLED Handbook, 2024 edition

OLED-Info and MicroLED-Info are happy to announce the 2024 edition of The MicroLED Handbook. This book is the industry's trusted and comprehensive guide to MicroLED display technology, industry and market. MicroLED displays are thin, efficient, bright and flexible and are on track to revolutionize the display industry. The handbook is now updated to January 2024 and lists recent developments and new companies, initiatives, products and research activities. This is a must read for OLED professionals that want to stay updated on the main competitor for OLED displays in the future!

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • MicroLED technology, materials and production processes
  • How MicroLEDs compare to LCDs and OLEDs
  • What are the challenges towards commercial production
  • LED technology and manufacturing processes
  • MicroLED driving and full-color architectures
  • The MicroLED displays currently on the market

The book also provides: an in-depth guide to MicroLED Microdisplays, potential applications of MicroLED displays, a comprehensive list of MicroLED companies, an introduction to other emerging display technologies (such as quantum dots and OLEDs), a current overview of the MicroLED market, market and industry forecasts and much more!

Read the full story Posted: Jan 17,2024 posts the results of its 10-month OLED and LCD display longevity tests posted an interesting article, detailing the results of their long-term (10-months) longevity tests on several OLED and LCD TVs and monitors. The test is simple - display a CNN feed constantly, and checking what happens. Note that CNN changed their logo a bit a few months into the test, but the team did not make any changes to the test itself.

As is expected, OLED monitors and TVs suffer from image retention problems, and the CNN logo is visible in some of these panels, when showing a gray screen. Some TVs suffer more than others. 

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Omdia: the global large-area display market to decline over 7% in 2023 by units

Omdia released its latest analysis on the global large-area display market (LCDs and OLEDs combined), saying that it sees a decline in unit shipments of 7.3% from 2022. This is a sharper decline that what Omdia estimated a few months ago, as the demand continues to slide.

Interestingly, looking at the total market by display area, 2023 will see a slight increase (0.5%) over 2022, this is mostly because consumers are buying larger TVs and larger gaming monitors.

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