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LG Display plans to release OLED TVs by 2010, flexible OLEDs to follow

Digitimes shows LG Display's OLED roadmap for 2004-2011. As stated before, LG plans to introduce 15" displays in the second half of 2009 - this will only be a 'trial production' - real quantities, and larger 32" OLED TVs will come in 2010.  

LG Display OLED roadmap 2004-2011 photoLG Display OLED roadmap


LG also plans to introduce products based on their flexible OLED technology (developed together with UDC). They have already shown a 4" flexible OLED for military use, back in January 2009 at CES:

UDC Flexible OLED Display Concept photo from CES 2009UDC Flexible OLED Display Concept

Via Digitimes (Taiwan)

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