The Flexible Wrist-Worn OLED gets 1M$ Funding from US Army

UDC announced that it got a $1,089,600 new contract (SBIR III) from the United States Army to continue and develop the Flexible OLED display tech. The wrist-worn 4" OLED device has been shown at CES earlier this month.

UDC Flexible OLED Display Prototype


The program is extended for 15 months, and will focus on demonstrating advances in display performance, including higher display
brightness and enhanced reliability, as well as improved product design
(i.e., a thinner, lighter weight and more compact system housing). During this time they will also put actual prototypes in the field for soldiers to test.

The OLED materials are from UDC, while the backpane is amorphous Siliocn (a-Si) TFT backpane made by LG. The wrist-worn device was designed by L-3 Display Systems.

Posted: Jan 15,2009 by Ron Mertens