GE shows OLED lighting concepts video

GE has produced a nice video showing all sorts of design concepts using thin, flexible OLED lighting panels. There's wearable OLEDs for emergency safety gear, illuminated stairs, walls and signs in stores and a nice "wall peel" OLED lamp:

GE are working towards roll-to-roll printing of OLEDs, and are planning to introduce OLED lighting products by 2010.

Posted: May 13,2009 by Ron Mertens


If I had money I'd invest in OLED technology. I can see this light in vehicles and RVs. If you can put this in the average not just luxury homes, typical home owners could save a lot of energy and forget the swirly not really green mercury florescent bulbs.

You could power the homes main lighting with a solar array and/or a wind turbine and batteries.