DSCC details Samsung's upcoming foldable OLED phones

DSCC posted an interesting blog post in which the company shares its information on Samsung's upcoming foldable smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

First up is the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (which is a bit strange as there's no Galaxy Z Flip 2). This new phone will feature an Ultra Thin Glass cover - which for the first time will not be exclusively produced by SCHOTT. This time Corning will supply some of the UTG for Samsung. According to DSCC, Corning’s UTG will be processed by Korean supplier eCONY. This is interesting - a while back it was reported that Samsung Electronics halted its UTG project with Corning.

DSCC also says that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will include several innovative features - such as an under the display camera (the first foldable phone to have this technology), a polarizer-free design and pen input. DSCC says that despite the polarizer-free design, the display stack is 40% thicker compared to the Galaxy Fold 2 due to the addition of the relatively thick pen digitizer. The Z Fold 3 will incorporate a carbon reinforced polymer layer to increase strength below the panel.

Posted: Jun 15,2021 by Ron Mertens