Tianma shows its latest OLEDs and MicroLEDs at Displayweek 2024

China-based Tianma had an impressive booth at Displayweek 2024, showing numerous OLED and microLED displays and prototypes.

For the automotive market, Tianma showed three new display prototypes. First up is a 13" slidable OLED, with an embedded touch panel, aimed towards car dashboards or center controls.


The second display is a 13-inch "dynamic" OLED, this is a flexible bendable display that can bend over 200,000 times. The display has a 200 mm radius, and is covered by Corning's LivingHinge automotive flexible cover glass.

The third automotive panel is a microLED display, a transparent 8.07-inch octagon-shaped display aimed towards digital side mirror applications (to be placed inside the vehicle). The display offers a transparency of 55%, brightness of 1,500 nits and a 608x1204 resolution (167 PPI).

Tianma also showed other microLED displays, including a small 1.63" 403 PPI wearable display and a 7.6" 5,000 nits panel.

Tianma also showed a small 1.5" flexible AMOLED display for wearable applications, that offers very low power consumption with a variable refresh rate and a brightness up to 1,000 nits (HBM). The panel features Tianma's Touch panel on thin-film encapsulation (TPOT) technology.

Tianma also showed three foldable AMOLED displays. The first is a 7.92" inward-foldable display, with a 1.5 mm folding radius. There was also an outward-foldable OLED, a 402 PPI display with an LTPO backplane.

The third foldable display was a 9.94" multiple-foldable display, with a tri-fold G-shape design. The specific structural design consisted of two inner water droplet folds with a folding radius of 2.5 mm and a module thickness of 0.42 mm.  This was a tandem stack device, to enable high brightness, lifetime and efficiency.

Tianma also unveiled its new E Ink competitor, an ePaper technology it refers to as micro-Fluidink, which looked promising.

Posted: May 29,2024 by Ron Mertens