The SID (Society for Information Displays) conference is the leading Display trade show. SID 2009 will take place at the end of the month (31/5 till the 5/6). What can we expect from this show?

First of all, we shouldn't expect any new OLED products or TVs... Companies do not usually use SID to announce new products - this is not a consumer show. But we can still hope to catch sight of medium/large OLED panels from Sony, LG, CMEL or Samsung.

In the past few years, OLEDs have taken center stage at SID, and I guess this trend will continue, as OLEDs are now widely considered the best choice for next-gen displays. In the past year we've seen several flexible, foldable and transparent displays. In SID 2009 we'll surely see new flexible OLED prototypes. It'll be interesting to see whether UDC and LG can update on their joint flexible-OLED work. We know that LG are planning to actually introduce products based on these panels in a few years.  In SID 2008, Samsung showed their 'foldable' phone prototype. Perhaps we'll catch an update on this concept. Samsung have said they are actually closer to introduce transparent OLEDs, so they might unveil new transparent OLEDs as well.

Companies might also use SID to announce technical advances in OLEDs. We'll probably see efficiency and lifetime improvements, alongside new panels and design concepts. Let's hope for good news!

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