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What is "Automatic Current Limitation" in AMOLED??

Hi all, 


I am a software program and new to the world of OLED. Recently, I had met with CMEL for their AMOLED products. They told me that there is a common symptom of AMOLED named, peak brightness. With this symptom, I don't know it is good or bad for an AMOLED, they developed a power saving method named "Automatic Current Limitation". 

I had googled the "Automatic Current Limitation", and found Samsoung, CMEL, Leadis provide "Automatic Current Limitation". But I can't find what is "Automatic Current Limitation" and how does "Automatic Current Limitation" do...

Can someone tell me or give me more about "Automatic Current Limitation"??


Hsun-Cheng Hu 


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