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Eric B
New HP Laptop. Does this article mean *O*LED?


This calls it an "LED screen"  and seems to contrast the new screen with LCD, but at the Candlepower LED forum, some of us think it might be speaking simply of the backlighting. But I don't see how an LED backlight would make the display thinner or lighter, and others are saying LED backlighting is not new enough for this to be news.

 They haven't possibly come up with a new LED technology with diodes small enough to be pixels, have they? Or is it really a *12 inch* OLED that is finally being released?

Ron Mertens
no oled...
No, it's not an OLED screen. They are probably talking about the back light unit indeed.
 Is there any way to check


Is there any way to check the OLED driver independently? 

Research Engineer Samtel Color Ltd, India

jason (not verified)
I usually go through
I usually go through computer monitors every few years they burn out from being on so often, i just got a new HP laptop with HD monitor and being the first HD monitor/screen in the house i can tell how much clearer the picture is.
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