Simbeyond provides unprecedented software tools for the development of high-tech (nanotechnology-based) devices that replace a large part of the costly and time-consuming experimental R&D efforts with computer simulations. In other words, creating digital twins of physical prototypes.

Simbeyond Bumblebee simulation software image

The unique approach that Simbeyond provides allows customers to analyze, predict and improve device performance which benefits both device manufacturers looking to optimize OLED stacks and material manufacturers looking to screen new materials. The intuitive web interface of the Bumblebee software allows you to quickly prepare and specify your virtual experiment and start dozens of device or material simulations from your laptop using a cloud-based environment.

Simbeyond has recently closed its first financing round, securing a partnership with a local venture capital fund. The investment will help Simbeyond to further enable customers to reduce time to market and improve performance of advanced functional materials and nanotechnology-based devices by providing predictive 3D simulation tools. These tools will be expanded beyond the OLED industry and in two more application areas: batteries and nanolithography. Based on Simbeyond’s know-how built in organic electronics, the new product line will be a natural extension of the current software Bumblebee.

If you are interested in Simbeyond’s simulation software Bumblebee please make sure to request a demo on: or get in touch with our team here.

This is a sponsored post by Simbeyond

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