Samsung Logo Samsung is "previewing" two OLED TVs, sized 14.1" and 31". The 31" TV is just 4.3mm thick, and uses half as much power as a 'regular' 32" TV. These TVs will be shown at CES 2009.

They don't have a release date yet, but they say it might be released in early 2010 (and no earlier...).



Questions on 2010 date

Does the "released in early 2010 ..." refer to the 31" in oled tv or the 14.1" or both?

Good question...

Hey farmboy - good question.

I assume both TVs will be released in 2010, but probably the 14.1" will come first. I also think that the sell for mobile computers (laptops) makers will be easier - because the power consumption is an important factor, and this might offset some of the price difference.

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