Samsung Galaxy Round

The Galaxy Round is the world's first flexible OLED device. This Android 4.3 smartphone features a plastic-based curved 5.7" Full-HD (386 PPI, probably Pentile) Super AMOLED display. The screen curvature radius is 400 mm.

The Galaxy Round includes all sorts of user interface tweaks to take advantage of the curved screen, for example the so-called Roll-Effect that enables user to check information such as date, time, missed call and battery easily when home screen is off (see video below) and the "Gravity Effect" for creating visual interaction with the screen by tilting the device.

The Galaxy Round uses a 2.3 Ghz quad-core CPU and has 3GB of RAM and a 2,800 mAh battery. It supports NFC and LTE-A. The phone weighs 154 grams and is 7.9mm thick.

The Galaxy Round launched in October 9th in Korea. Reportedly it will cost 1,090,000 Won (a little over ($1,000). We don't know whether Samsung will bring this phone to other countries. DisplayMate says that the curve display is a major breakthrough - mostly because it reduces ambient light reflections and so improves screen readability, image contrast, color accuracy, and overall picture quality.

OLED type:  

5.7" FHD Flexible Super AMOLED 

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Posted:   Oct 09,2013 by Ron Mertens