Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro / 3 Pro 360 / 3 Ultra

Samsung''s 2023 laptop series, the Galaxy Book 3 includes three models, all equipped with AMOLED displays. The Galaxy Book 3 Pro offers a 14" or 16" 2880x1800 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED 2X VRR display, and Intel's 13th-Gen Core i7 chipset.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 has similar internal specifications, but only comes in 16" and is a convertible laptop that can act as a tablet, and so Samsung added integrated touch (OCTA) and S-Pen support. The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra offers the same display as the Book 3 (16" 2880x1800 120Hz VRR AMOLED) but has stronger specification as it is intended mainly for gaming.

The Galaxy Book 3 series is now available to order, starting at around $1,500.

OLED type:   14" / 16" 2880x1800 120Hz VRR AMOLED
Posted:   Feb 02,2023 by Ron Mertens