Hong Kong

Philips is looking for regional OLED account sales manager that will:

  • Position OLED as a desirable investment at the right customer / value chain players 
  • Proactively push OLED with the goal of being specified in achievable projects 
  • Grow the pipeline of OLED with short-term and long-term focus 
  • Grow the business of OLED solutions and projects in the region APR by a direct focus on the High End Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment Channel 


  • Accountable for achieving budgeted sales volumes, prices and profit margin in the defined sales region (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) 
  • Establish and strengthen customer relationships in dedicated segments (retail & hospitality, high-end residential ecosystem, entertainment) and regions 
  • Ensures continuity of the relationship with the accounts and operates at the highest level in the accounts' organizations, but also facilitates the executive level interfaces between the company and accounts if necessary 
  • Prepares the annual account plan in line with the regional account plan strategy and implements the sales strategy 
  • Systematically analyzing the reporting of sales results, expectations, market, competition and trends 
  • Ensures availability of goods / deliverables in cooperation with order desk and logistics
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