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Monochrome OLED on an Roland Wave/MP3 recorder


I love following the latest news on OLEDS. I bought my first device using and active color OLED in 2005 when I purchased the Creative Zen Sleek Photo. The screen is very bright and colorful, but I still could not read the display in

full sunlight( this a one of the dream features that scientist are hoping for).

I recently purchased a Roland Wave/MP3 recorder called the Edirol R-09. It has for its display a monochrome black and white OLED display that is very readable in daylight and dark.

Ron Mertens
Welcome to oled-info...

I love Roland products... I have an old synth of them (well, not so old, but a few years). But it doesn't have an OLED display of course ;-)


Alan (not verified)

Hi,I bought a Roland wave/mp3 digital recorder(Edirol-09HR).It has very bright OLED display with monochrome black background/white graphics...I would like to change these colors to other...black background/green graphics...is this posssible or no?!Thank you and best regards,Alan

Ron Mertens
I think you better contact

I think you better contact Roland on this... I can't image it'll be easily possible to change the OLED displays ;-(


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