Sipex Corporation today announced the latest addition to its family of white LED drivers for the portable market, the SP6415. The device features an inductive boost converter powering two independent drivers for driving the white LED main panel backlighting and powering the OLED sub-display or additional white LEDs. The device is offered in a space saving DFN-10 package.

Ideally suited for dual display architectures such as clamshell phones, the SP6415 can easily be configured to automatically turn off the sub-display when the phone is open. Each driver output current is programmed by a single external resistor. PWM dimming is possible via the enable pin which also is used to put the device into a 1uA showdown which greatly extends battery life.

With an output voltage up to 20V, as many as 5 LEDs in series can be powered at over 80% efficiency when the SP6415 is powered from a single cell lithium Li-Ion battery or internal 3.3V or 5V rails found in most hand-held equipment. When switching from powering the main display to the sub-display, voltage is adjusted to maximize efficiency and minimize power loss. Additionally, the device offers a full protection scheme against fault conditions such as: over voltage, over current, over temperature, and under voltage lock up.

The SP6415 is offered in a small lead-free DFN-10 RoHS compliant package meeting the extended temperature range: -40*deg*C to +85*deg*C. The device is priced at $1.40 each in quantities of a 1,000 units.

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