ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP5810 - a 2 watt (W) dual output dc-dc converter that offers both positive and negative output. The device's output voltage accuracy, high switching frequency, and small package size makes it particularly suitable for powering a display driver in Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes (Active Matrix OLED or AMOLED) panel, an emerging display technology for portable applications.

Featuring high overall efficiency up to 85 percent at 1.75 megahertz (MHz) oscillator frequency, the NCP5810 dual output dc-dc converter delivers best-in-class performance. In order to complement the slim form factor of AMOLED display, the converter switches at the high 1.75 MHz frequency, allowing the use of small inductors and ceramic capacitors. Its ultra-thin package with 0.55 mm thickness allows the NCP5810 to fit into the thinnest portable design form factor. In addition, it preserves battery power in shut-down mode with true cut-off function that limits the leakage display current to typically 1 microamp (uA). Additionally, the NCP5810 features cycle-by-cycle peak current limit and thermal shut down protection.

Available in the ultra-thin 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm x 0.55 mm LLGA-12 package, the NCP5810 is budgetary priced at $1.20 USD per unit in 3,000 unit quantities.

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