Using a transponder and hidden antennas which communicate bi-directionally, Delphi's Keyless Entry System with Vehicle Information Display enables the vehicle to be locked from further away than before. It also enables the driver to access critical information about the vehicle at ranges greater than 500 meters.

Delphi's two-way communication key fob provides the vehicle owner with actual status of the car such as whether the car is locked or the alarm is activated. Other information included in the display are interior temperature, alarm condition, fuel level and vehicle location. The information is displayed in a large, easy-to-read organic LED display on the driver's personal fob while using very little current to prolong battery life. The two-way communication device also includes a communication range management feature which ensures that returned information to the car is always received by the identification device. The Delphi show car is started by pressing a start switch when the key fob is in range.