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Need Help with external switch!! uOLED-96-G1 with Microcontroller C8051F226

hi all.. im currently working on uOLED-96-G1 with C8051F226..
i would like to know how could i adjust contrast using external switch..
i understand and im able to use the Display Control Function to adjust the contrast.
OLED_DisplayControl(0x59, 0x02, valueC)
so i could set the contrast by change the valueC from 0x00 to 0x0F..

now i would like to use external switch and connect to the Switch Pin of the uOLED (Pin7) to adjust the contrast by changing the value in valueC..

i want the valueC = 0x00 when i press the switch 1..
and valueC = 0x0F when i press the switch 2.. etc..

but im having problem with the switch function..
im here to get some help....
can any1 help me please??

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