now lists LG's new 55EG9600 curved 55" 4K OLED TV (2015 model). While LG did not yet officially launch this TV in the US, Amazon says it will ship in 3-6 weeks (i.e. during April) and will cost $5,499 (you can already place your order now).

LG EG9600 photoLG EG9600 OLED TV

Amazon's product page actually says that this is a 65" model, but is obviously a mistake. The 65" EG9600 will cost $8,999.

The EG9600 OLED TV series offer curved display, 4K resolution, Lg's new anti-glare filter, LG's webOS 2.0 Smart TV OS and quad-core CPUs.



for this price tho

Knowing that the glass is the expensive part... the rest of the stuff could be replacable and would barely change the price.

Cant shake the feeling that for this price it should have been a 0-120hz adaptive sync implementation with a low latency mode bypassing all the "smartTV" garbage for gaming.

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