LG Electronics is getting ready to release the 77" Signature OLEDG6 TV in the US. Amazon.com already lists the TV, for $27,223 - but Amazon does not say the release date yet.

LG OLED77G6P photo

LG's Signature OLED G6 is LG's top-end TV model for 2016. The G6 feature an ultra-slim on-glass design, a high-end pivoting Harman Kardon soundbar, LG's webOS 3.0, Color Prime PRO technology and HDR. The G6 models are available in 65 and 77 inches, and the 65" G6 OLED TV is now shipping for $7,999.

At $27,223, this is not a cheap TV, but at least it is cheaper then earlier reports which estimated the price to be $38,000 in Korea. I have seen this TV at SID 2016, and it is truly an amazing TV!

If you want a more down-to-earth TV, the 55" OLEDB6 costs $2,997 - the same price as the curved OLEDC6. The 65" B6 model costs $5,997, and the 65" curved C6 costs the same. LG's mid-range OLED models for 2016 are also shipping. The OLED E6, that feature an ultra-slim on-glass design, costs $3,899 for the 55" model and $5,999 for the 65" model.

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