LG's 65" 4K EG9600 (2015 model) OLED TV now down to $6,999

LG Electronics continues to push OLED TV prices down, and now Amazon lists the 2015-model UHD (4K) 65" curved OLED TV (65EG9600) at $6,999, or down $2,000 from the original $8,999 price.

LG EG9600 photo

LG's EG9600 TVs were introduced at CES 2015, featuring a new anti-glare filter, webOS 2.0 OS and quad-core CPUs. The 55" model, (55EG9600) is shipping for $4,499.

Interestingly, the 2014 model (65EC9700) 4K 65" OLED TV is still listed at $8,999 - even though it is an older model. 

Posted: Jul 04,2015 by Ron Mertens


Yo LG! Make 5120x2160 0-90hz adaptivesynced OLED TV when displayport 1.3 is out.

And a mode that disables all the bloat and everything besides dp1.3 is a must too.

For that i see paying this high price. And considering the glass is the expensive part here... it baffles me why LG still hasnt done this. Cuz me and a lot of people are "waiting" when we get those features in an OLED.

these lower prices are great... But where are the flat models??? 

When will LG get over this curved-screen fetish they have and get back to making OLEDs in a flat-panel configuration for the US market?  I really hate how every light in the room is reflected back in your face by the curved panel.  Flat is the only way to go for me and it won't stick out much from the wall either so you can use the space in front of the TV as a walkway if you like with the panel mounted to a wall. Personally, I think they are using the curved screen as a sales gimmick to allow them to charge a premium for the OLED TVs and to have an excuse as to why they are so much more expensive.  Get over it LG.  A lot of us won't buy until the larger flat panels arrive.  Either that or I'm going to find an old 55EA8800 to buy but I really want 65-inch or larger.  ...just venting my frustration with LG.