Only last week did LG announce the prices of its basic OLED TV 2016 models, the OLED B6 and C6, and already the company slashed $1,000 off the 55" models.

LG OLED65B6P photo

The flat 55" OLEDB6 now costs $2,997 - the same price as the curved OLEDC6. The 65" B6 model costs $5,997, and the 65" curved C6 costs the same.

LG OLED65C6P photo

LG's higher-end OLED models for 2016 are also shipping. The OLED E6, that feature an ultra-slim on-glass design, costs $3,899 for the 55" model and $5,999 for the 65" model. The flagship G6 Signature is now shipping for $7,999 (65") - while the 77" model will ship soon in Korea for $38,000 (!).

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