LG Electronics will soon start shipping its 2021 OLED TVs. The OLED C1, which will likely to be the company's most popular OLED TV, can now be pre-ordered in the US, starting at $2,000 for the 55-inch model. The 65-inch model costs $2,750. Both TVs will ship by the end of April 2021. We do not know the prices yet for the other sizes (the OLED C1 offers 120Hz 4K 48-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch and also 83-inch panels).

LG C1 OLED TV photo

The 2021 C1 OLED TV range features LG's 4th generation a9 AI processor, the company's latest webOS v6 and supports HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. For gamers, the TVs offer HDMI 2.1, G-SYNC, FreSync, VRR and ALLM.

LG's OLED TV range for 2021, include also the higher-end OLED evo G1 and the 8K Z1 series, and the OLED B1 series and the entry-level OLED A1 series.

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