A couple of months ago, LG said that they aim to unveil HDR OLED TVs in Q3 2015 - with a higher brightness compared to regular OLED TVs. Now LG says that their new EG9600 OLED TVs will soon be getting HDR support - via a firmware upgrade.

LG EG9600 photo

LG did not disclose when this will happen exactly - but they will release the upgrade "once technical specifications for HDR are finalized".

LG's EG9600 TVs are 4K curved-screen OLED TVs, introduced at CES 2015. They will be available in either 55" or 65" sizes. The EF9500 series are the same TVs in a flat version. Both versions use a new anti-glare filter, webOS 2.0 OS and quad-core CPUs. The 55EG9600 is now shipping for $5,499.



A correction and a question

"The EF9600 series are the same TVs in a curved version"

I suspect you meant "in a flat version". Do you think those TVs will be upgraded as well?

You're right. These should be

You're right. These should be the same TVs (except the flat screen, of course). The flat ones aren't available yet, so maybe they will never be upgraded but offered with HDR in the first place...

Even at low brightness, LG TV

Even at low brightness, LG TV ages like hell! and you can see temperature caused by content affecting performance really badly. I am not sure, how they can offer HDR which will amplify these issues! 

I recommends people save their TVs if they bought and do not do the update!

What do you mean?

What TV do you own and how are bad you affected?And what do you mean by "temperature caused by content affecting performance"? Is it bright content heating up the OLED panel and affecting (what) performance? Are you referring to a permanent degradation or the current/heat limiting function when displaying an (all) white picture? (Think it's got a fancy name, but can't remember and couldn't find it).

I'm dying to get a new TV, and I really want it to be an OLED. They posted some models here in Sweden at an online reseller at the end of last month. All curved though, except for the 65EF980V, which is at 100k sek (about $12000). Ouch!

The burn in is permanent. the

The burn in is permanent. the temperature effect caused by bright content cause both permanent affect (by accelerating the aging) and temporarily affect (1 minute or so ). 

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