LG Electronics just lowered the price of most of its newest OLED TVs. The price of its signature OLEDG7 TVs was slashed by $1,000 - so the price for the 65" model now costs $5,999. The price of LG's high-end OLEDE7 TVs were also reduced by $1,000 - the current prices are $3,999 for the 55" model and $4,999 for the 65" model.

LG OLEDE7 photo

The prices of LG's entry-level OLEDC7 TV were also reduced. The 55" model now costs $2,799 (down from $2,999) while the 65" one costs $3,997 (down from $4,499). It seems that the prices of LG's other OLED TVs did not change.