During the International Display Workshops that was help a few weeks ago in Fukuoka Japan, LG Display discussed its new WOLED tandem stack that it plans to introduce soon to its OLED TVs and lighting panels.

LG WOLED 2-stack/3-stack structure (2016-2017)

LG Display says that its new stack is a "3-stack-OLED" while its existing stack is a "2-stack-OLED". As you can see in the image above, LG apparently counts each emissive layer as a different stack in this case.

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LG 3 layer stack

I am confused with different versions of this news. Can you clarify? Is LG going to a 3-stack blue-yellow-blue for TV's or red/green-blue-red/green? I would think adding another layer of PHOLED would generate the power consumption improvements while another layer of fluorescent(blue) would not. TIA, Cooters 

Then again, if the brightness

Then again, if the brightness is to be increased adding an extra fl blue layer would allow higher brightnesses without killing the lifetime.

Yes, I would agree with the

Yes, I would agree with the lifetime kmprovement.