LG Display says that OLED TV production is more environmentally friendly than LCD TV production. A 65-inch LCD requires around 5.2 Kg of plastic, while a similarly-sized OLED uses only 0.43 Kg of plastics.


LG Display says that in Q1 2021 alone its plastic consumption was lower by 71,550 tons compared to what it would have been if it produced LCD TVs instead of OLED TVs.

According to LG's analysis, OLED TV panels reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds by more than 50 percent compared to LCD TV panels. This makes OLED TVs also easier to recycle - according to LGD the product recycling rate of OLED TV panels is 92.2%, higher than that of LCD TVs (<72%). LGD uses recyclable iron as materials for OLED panel parts.

LGD also updates that in 2020, the company reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 39% compared to 2014.

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