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Ron Mertens

Hi, let's start an interesting thread.

The two most 'popular' OLED investment are bound to be Cambridge Display (CDT) and Universal Display (UDC).

Lately it seems like UDC's stock is doing much better. But we are also hearing a lot of interesting announcements from CDT - lifetime achievements and new technologies, and also a major new license.

Which stock would you invest it?


I have put some time into
I have put some time into researching both of these companies but have had some trouble identifying what Cambridge has in it intellectual property portfolio that is not covered by other rivals including Kodak.  Where are the differentiators?
Ron Mertens
CDT are focusing on PLEDs

CDT are focusing on PLEDs (Polymer OLEDs) which I don't think Kodak has any research in.

They have announced good lifetime for those devices, they have interesting ink-jet technology, they have strong collaborations with several large companies, and have quite a bit of licensees - including a major one they have not announced the name of yet.

I think the major problem of CDT is the cash - they have a difficult financial situation, and it might take some time before they start getting real royalties.

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