LG started shipping the 65" Signature Wallpaper OLED W in the US recently. The price of LG's flagship TV is $7,999 (the 77" will cost $19,999 and will launch later this year). Value Electronics in New York now has one such on display, and the company sent us the following photos and video showing the display in action.

We also discussed the installation and quality of the new TV. Robert Zohn from VE says that the TV wall mounts very easily and the connection is done via the low-voltage control cable which is placed inside the wall. The cable is then connected to the I/O box (which LG calls the AIO box). This creates the beautiful look as the TV has no visible connections and is virtually attached on the wall with a very thin profile.

Robert Zohn says that LG's 2017 TVs offer an image quality that is a nice improvement over LG's 2016 models. The video experts at the store compared the W7 to last year's E6 model:

  • The W7 is brighter
  • The W7 offers better DCI color fidelity
  • The W7 has improved specular highlights with detail in the brightest areas, likely due to the panels increased luminance and the new processor’s excellent tone mapping
  • Near black detail is nicely improved so shadow detail all the way to black is now excellent
  • The W7 features educed dithering and video noise near black

In the following photo you can see the installation process of the OLEDW7, and LG's own official installation guide.

LG OLEDW7 Installation (Value Electronics step 1)

LG OLEDW7 Installation (Value Electronics step 2)

LG OLEDW7 Installation (Value Electronics step 3)

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