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eMagin likes fiber too


One of the patents recently purchased by eMagin .




 FIG. 1 illustrates a schematic representation of an optical apparatus for binocular viewing. This figure is from U.S. Pat. No. 4,322,135 ('135) and the '135 patent is hereby incorporated in full by reference. Several important concepts are put forth in the '135 patent including the object generated by (1) forming an image on (2) a convex fiber optic faceplate.




Google Fused Fiber Bundle

Head mounted display using a fused fiber bundle


Google has a patent for a HMD using Fused Fiber Bundle which is simlar to the newly acquired eMagin patent in that they both use fiber .   Google appears to be using the Tapered Fiber bundle approach while eMagin is using a Convex Fiber Optic Faceplate .




Also the Google patent mentions OLED as a display choice :


Image source 210, may be implemented using a variety of image generation devices. For example, image source 210 may be implemented by an organic light emitting diode (“LED”) panel or transmissive liquid crystal display (“LCD”) panel. 



In this Schott pdf you can see in the picures an eMagin microdisplay attached to both a Taper Fiber Bundle & a concave Fiber bundle (eMagin will use convex ).  Notice the smaller profile of the concave attached to the microdisplay vs the Taper profile.




So both Google & eMagin are proposing somewhat similar approaches .


Note that the eMagin patent date proceeds the Google patent date so if their is any overlap eMagin was first .


Schott Trivia

Schott appears to be a partner with eMagin in developing a Convex Fiber Optic Faceplate but here's a few things about them you may not know.  


Robert J. Kaizerman , eMagin VP Manufacturing  worked for Schott :

- Hired Robert J. Kaizerman as VP Manufacturing, reporting to Andrew Sculley, President and CEO. Mr. Kaizerman brings more than 25 years of high tech manufacturing and operational experience to eMagin, including Elbit Systems of America, Schott Corporation, Luminus Devices Incorporated and GSI Lumonics Incorporated.




The Carl Zeiss foundation owns Schott & Carl Zeiss :


The Carl Zeiss Foundation - An Unusual Business Organization

The Carl-Zeiss-Foundation is:

  • A foundation (not a non-profit organization)
  • The sole shareholder of SCHOTT AG and CARL ZEISS AG



Very interesting history between Schott & Zeiss .  Goes back to the 1800's .

A little fiber optic bundle history

Back in 2004 EMAN issued a PR revealing the use of fiber optic bundle:

The ultra high resolution display uses eMagin's bundled fiber optic elements to effectively couple four SVGA displays into a single UXGA (ultra extended graphics array) display.

The company is showing a display configuration that comprises four bundled UXGA displays functioning as a single full color 5.7 million picture elements (1600 x 3 x 1200) display. The fiber optic effectively magnifies the image and brings the new image up to the new surface plane of the fiber optic.



They tried to patent this tiled design using a tapered fiber optic bundle but  for whatever reason the patent application was abandoned .

Tapered fiber optic bundle metadisplay



A few years before EMAN's patent application , Kodak also tried to patent a design using OLED with a tapered fiber optic bundle .   Similar to EMAN, their patent application was abandoned .

OLED displays with fiber-optic faceplates

OLED displays with fiber-optic faceplates Magnifying fiber optic face plates having tapered fibers can be used to enlarge or reduce the apparent size of the image.

http://www.google.com/patents/US20040108806   Now Google has revived the Tapered Fiber Optic Bundle design as shown in their recently awarded patent. 

Head mounted display using a fused fiber bundle



Finally , we have the recent EMAN patent that was purchased showing a new convex fiber optic design being used .

Compact eyepiece using an imersed field lens



So the question becomes , is the EMAN convex fiber optic bundle design being used in their new IHMD far superior to a tapered fiber optic bundle ?

This would help explain why both EMAN & KODAK abandoned the previous tapered technology.   They may have seen it as becomming obsolete if favor of the convex design .

Of course this would imply that Google reviving the tapered design may get  left in the dust .






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