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Is Valve developing the next Generation VR headset with help of eMagin and AMD ?

- Sept 8, 2012

Before Valve chose their current VR headset design that became the HTC Vive , they experimented with an NVIS nVisor ST-50 :

Picture of Gordon Stoll of Valve with an early VR mock up using an NVIS nVisor ST-50

Gordon Stoll of Valve tests a headset that the company thinks will help open new ground in video games.


NVIS nVisor ST-50 uses eMagin SXGA 1280 x 1024 OLED microdisplays


- April 28, 2015 eMagin's SXGA 1280 x1024 was discovered in Lighthouse API



- January 06, 2016 eMagin Inks Licensing Agreement for Immersive Headset Intellectual Property

"with an undisclosed company."


- April 12, 2016

Roy Taylor shows a slide with eMagin's 2K x 2K Microdisplay Based Immersive Headset at VRWC 2016


- Aug, 1 2016

Roy Taylor states they are working with eMagin


- Sept 12, 2016

At D.I.C.E.Europe 2016 , Roy Taylor again states they have been working for eMagin for 18 months .


- October 12, 2016

Valve Invests a “Significant Amount” in Company (Nitero) Seeking To Make Desktop VR Wireless


- April 10, 2016

AMD Expands Technology Portfolio to Drive Immersive Computing Vision with Acquisition of Wireless Virtual Reality IP from Nitero


- April 12, 2016

Roy Taylor "Nitero is targeting next-gen VR devices"

"At the moment, Nitero is targeting next-gen VR devices rather than the current gen headsets, but when the technology does eventually arrive, it says it will offer integrated wireless that will completely revolutionise the consumer experience, so much so that "they'll never tolerate wires again""

Conclusion : It is my belief that Valve is the license partner of eMagin . Whether Valve markets this headset themselves or finds a partner as they did with the HTC Vive remains to be seen .

It is also my belief that AMD is working with eMagin on a manufacturing partnership to produce the backplane for their OLED micro displays to increase mass production of their 2K x 2K OLED micro display .

I believe Valve , AMD & eMagin are cooperating to produce the next generation, high resolution , wireless VR headset .


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