Canon Tokki (wholly-owned by Canon) manufactures vacuum process equipment and factory automation systems for the OLED market and thin-film PV market.

Canon Tokki developed the first OLED mass production system back in 1999, which processed both OLED / electrode material deposition and encapsulation by one system.

Tokki's OLED production systems has been delivered OLED manufactures in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In March 2007 we interviewed Tokki's overseas sales manager. In 2016 Tokki has seen a massive increase in orders and the company plans to double its own production capacity by the end of 2016.

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10-1 Shinko-cho

The latest Canon OLED news:

Canon will manufacture their own OLED panels for their consumer products, and soon

CNet published an interesting interview with Chuck Westfall, technical adviser for Canon's professional products marketing division. They discuss why OLEDs aren't available in any Canon product yet.

Chuck says that OLEDs indeed offer high-quality images and lower power consumption, but Canon does not want to rely on other companies manufacturing ability. They are making around 30M cameras (compact and SLRs) each year - so they need quite a bit of capacity...

Canon is clear to launch SED TVs

After a long legal battle (over 3 years), patens in the SED TV case have been settled, and now Canon can launch their SED TVs. SED TVs are said to have a beautiful picure and viewing angle, but are as thin as an LCD or PDP display.

Canon is yet to mass-produce those kind of TVs (up until now they only produced prototypes). In fact Canon's president said they will not launch SED TVs immediatly - in fact because of the recent slump in TV prices, Canon will have a hard time introducing an expensive new TV.

Hitachi and Canon to jointly develop small/medium OLEDs for digital cameras

Hitachi and Canon have agreed to jointly develop and manufacture small and midsize (2.5"-3") OLED displays for digital cameras within two years, it was learned Saturday. The two firms will transfer a total of about 100 engineers to a new organization they plan to set up in early July to handle the project.

They also intend to build a new production line at an existing plant in Chiba Prefecture to turn out organic EL displays on a trial basis. Based on the results, the two partners expect to build a system to mass-produce the EL displays at relatively low cost, taking advantage of Canon's materials coating technology and production control know-how.

Hitachi and Canon (and Matsushita/Panasonic) announced plans to work together in December 2007, and there were also rumors that Panasonic will make 37" OLED TVs by 2011 in the JV plant.

Canon to Develop SED TVs Using Own Technology

Canon Inc. plans to develop surface-conduction electron-emitter display, or SED, televisions using its own technology, the Asahi newspaper reported, without saying where it obtained the information.

Canon has been involved in a patent dispute with U.S.- based Nano-Proprietary Inc., which prevented the Japanese company from putting SED flat-panel televisions on the market in 2007 as originally planned, the newspaper said today.

Updated - Matsushita, Hitachi and Canon to tie-up on OLED displays

Hitachi may scale down or exit its liquid crystal display (LCD) panel operations on the back of a deal with Matsushita Electric Industrial and Canon, the Nikkei business daily reported.

The firms have agreed to a tie-up on organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, a competing display technology, by which Matsushita and Canon would each invest more than 100 billion yen ($880 million) to take minority stakes in unit Hitachi Displays Ltd, it said.

Hitachi Displays currently makes small and mid-sized LCD panels but is also developing OLED panels.

Read more here (Reuters)

What the future holds for OLED TVs

In november 2007 Sony has started to sell their 11" OLED TV (the XEL-1). This is an exciting move by Sony, but this cannot be considered a real commercial OLED TV. They are only producing 2,000 of those units monthly, the price is extremly high - around 1,800$ for a 11" TV (and Sony admits they are losing money on each unit). Even the power consumption of those TVs is rather high - higher than compatiable LCDs.

Canon to take majority stake in Tokki for $69 mln

Canon said it aims to take a majority stake in Tokki, a supplier of flat panel-making equipment, for $69 million or more to speed development of OLED panels.

Canon has been developing OLED panels in a bid to replace liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, which it now procures from outside suppliers for digital camera, camcorder and printer displays. Canon said it may offer small-sized flat TVs using OLED displays in the future, and will use SED for large-sized TVs.