Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the 5th annual International TADF Workshop and the 3rd i3-opera Forum, a companion event aimed at industry researchers, will be held on December 7–8 by means of online live streaming.

TADF Workshop 2020 banner

In the Workshop, novel scientific concepts will be discussed, as well as the future direction of TADF-OLEDs, perovskite LEDs, radical-based LEDs, QD-based LEDs, novel materials-based LEDs and more. In the Forum, the scope will be extended even further, to include topics ranging from TADF frontier science to interdisciplinary technologies for future lifestyle.

The conference will include 3D virtual exhibitions and poster sessions as well as online social gatherings. We are extremely hopeful that this will be the first successful attempt at live streaming online events, and will turn out to be the first of many exciting online events to come. While returning to post-coronavirus habits is greatly anticipated, the present and future are greatly shaped by current events and online conferences may remain a common practice. Join us to make this event a success!

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