Super AMOLED Plus resolution explained

Update: We have some new information about Samsung's AMOLED manufacturing process. It turns out that they plan to soon move to a laser-based method (LITI) from the currently-used shadow-mask method (FMM). This will allows them to achieve 300ppi or more...

Earlier today we posted about the Super AMOLED plus resolution - and now we got our answer. It turns out that my calculations about the pentile matrix were incorrect - it fact it uses 2 sub-pixels for each pixel while a 'real' RGB matrix (or Real-Stripe as Samsung calls it) uses 3 sub-pixels for each pixels - and here's your 50% increase. Here's Samsung's own image showing the difference:

It also turns out that a Real-Stripe matrix also takes up more space per pixel. This explains why a 4.3" display that uses Real-Stripe has the same resolution as a 4" with a penTile matrix. But this display should actually be clearer because of the added sub-pixels and better matrix design.

One final bit of good news - according to Samsung, Super AMOLED Plus displays are not only clearer but they're also thinner, brighter and use 18% less energy than the old Super AMOLED displays!

Thanks Pete for helping out here...

Posted: Feb 14,2011 by Ron Mertens


is that what was throwing you off?

I actually got confused about the number of sub-pixels in a pentile matrix...