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Apr 30, 2009

Yesterday we published a story about a video of Samsung's 23" OLED monitor by First Look Review... A recent comment on our post claimed this is a fake (thanks Nuninho1980!)... 

And I believe that indeed this is true. This is not an OLED monitor, but a regular one, probably the P2370L. Here's the original press release of the P2370L. Let me tell you why:

  • You can see in the video that the monitor looks like a product ready to ship. It does not look like a prototype ready for 2010 - it even got the energy-star sticker on. Compare this to previous prototypes by Samsung, Sony or LG.
  • Usually when companies show an OLED prototype, it's a big thing... but here Samsung has a good looking product but with no PR? Just one video by First Look Review? Unlikely...
  • I'm not sure they would have let that girl pick up a new OLED prototype that should be out by 2 years... it'll be extremely expensive and probably fragile.
  • The video says that the OLED monitor has a contrast of 2,000,000:1 and is 1.6cm thick. Exactly the same as the P2370L!
  • In fact 1.6cm is not so exciting for an OLED. The XEL-1 is 3mm thick for example, and Sony's new 21" prototype is 1.4mm thick.
  • When viewed from the side, the Samsung monitor doesn't look so good. OLEDs have a much better viewing angle. See the next photos to see how it compares to LG's OLED:

    Samsung 23'' prototype photo from the side Side view of LG 15'' OLED (CES 2009 photo) 


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I must see I was fooled at first, but also skeptic because there was no promotion around it at all.

This site is not called First look Reviews, its megawhat tv which basically pocket-lint, First Look Reviews is just the name for pocket-lint video reviews