UPDATE - I now believe this video is a fake - sort of, it's actually showing a LED monitor and not an OLED one. More info here. The video has been removed since, in any case.

First look reviews has released a short video showing Samsung's new 23" OLED Monitor Prototype. Here's a photo first, and some info:

Samsung 23'' OLED Monitor prototype photoSamsung 23 inch OLED Monitor

This OLED monitor has got a contrast of 2,000,000:1, is only 1.6cm thick, and should be out in 2010. It is very light, should save around 40% of the energy compared to normal LCDs, and has HDMI and DVI Inputs.



Great... I just hope the

Great... I just hope the price won't kill me

WARNING: LED not equal OLED!!

it can be fake. because the viewing angles are limited. it's lcd w/ led backlight. you see the comments in site of youtube.
therefore you remove this topic!!

Nuninho1980 - I beleve you

Nuninho1980 - I believe you are right. This is a LED and not OLED. I have updated a posted about this. Thanks for commenting!


its LED BLU technology not

its LED BLU technology not OLED

yeah, we know this for quire
yeah, we know this for quire some time...
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