Researchers demonstrate the world's first flexible MRAM memory device

As flexible OLED displays are entering the market, researchers and developers around the world are aiming to introduce other flexible components - required to make truly flexible/bendable devices. We already have flexible batteries, and now researchers from Singapore demonstrated the world's first flexible MRAM memory device.

MRAM (Magnetic RAM) is a next-gen spintronics memory device that is non-volatile, efficient and fast. Future MRAM device may offer high-density memory too, but current MRAM chips are limited in capacity. Freescale spin-off Everspin is already producing 64Mbit MRAM chips commercially - and 256Mb and 1Gb chips are expected soon.

The researchers at NUS are now talking to companies regarding the possibility of commercializing the new flexible MRAM devices. This should be a long process and these kinds of chips will not be available for a few years - but it's another important piece of the puzzle towards flexible devices.

Posted: Jul 20,2016 by Ron Mertens