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Philips sees tunable color and transparent OLEDs in 3-5 years, flexible ones in 5-8

Philips has published several press releases today regarding OLEDs. They are already shipping samples of their OLED lighting panels, and hope to bring these to market in 2010. Philips are also discussing three new types of OLEDs.

The first is Tunable-Color OLEDs: in these kind of panels the user can change the color of the panel. This is a new idea, and they are already working on that. Philips excepts these in 3-5 years.

We know that Philips are also working on Transparent OLEDs, and now they say that these too might be available in 3-5 years.

Transparent OLEDs by PhilipsTransparent OLEDs by Philips

Lastly, Philips are less optimistic about Flexible OLEDs - these might only appear in 5-8 years. Interestingly, more than transparent ones.

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