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Jan 27, 2014

Alex Khayat photoAlkilu, a new company established in 2013 to develop affordable consumer OLED lighting devices, unveiled their range of OLED products at CES 2014. And these indeed are affordable - some of those OLED lamps cost as low as $19.95.

The company's CEO, Alex Khayat, was kind enough to answer a few questions we had regarding the company and those OLED lighting devices. Alex has 25 years of technology experience, including nearly a decade of OLED industry R&D for Boston-based ieDisplay (an R&D company that sold its research to tech specific and similar companies).

The name Alkilu, by the way, comes from two origins – the first 3 letters of the name come from the Alq3 compound (or Aluminium tri-quinoline or pronounced as ALK3) which is the common component of OLEDs and the last 3 letters (ILU) comes from ancient times and stands for "power".

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