The Nexus One in sunlight is actually better than the Droid?

The old OLED-in-sunlight saga continues. After hearing that the Omnia II is better than the Nokia N900, we get an interesting comparison between Google's Nexus One (3.7" AMOLED) and Motorola's Droid (3.7" TFT LCD). It's a long (and shaky) video, but here's the summary:

  • The AMOLED is brighter than the Droid, and behaves better at Sunlight

  • In normal conditions, the Nexus one has much more vivid colors. When viewing photos or videos, the AMOLED has much better colors.

  • The reviewer complains that he 'sees individual pixels' on the AMOLED - and this does not happen on the LCD (I'm not sure what he means). He says that sometimes the LCD's image is more 'crisp'.

  • Overall the AMOLED is much better than the LCD.

Posted: Jan 16,2010 by Ron Mertens


Thanks Zontim - you're right of course! I fixed that.