IHS: AMOLED to surpass a-Si small display shipments in 2016

IHS estimates that the active-matrix small and medium display market will reach $43.4 billion in 2016, up slightly from 2015. This includes AMOLED, LCD and E Ink displays.

AM-display market share (IHS 2015-2016)

According to IHS, AMOLED revenues will reach $14.3 billion - surpassing a-Si LCD revenue ($14 billion) - and almost reaching LTPS LCD display revenues ($14.7 billion). a-Si LCD revenues are on the decline - and IHS sees a-Si LCD as a soon-to-be legacy display technology. AMOLED is expected to grow quickly, mostly due to demand for flexible OLEDs.

Posted: Sep 27,2016 by Ron Mertens