Feel Lab launches two new OLED lamps with interesting designs

Feel Lab is a new Japanese company that produces OLED lamps. The company launched their first two products with some unique designs. The first one is the PACO desk lamp which is a desk lamp that is made from a magnetic wood-coated base, one OLED panel and one transparent panel (non illuminated). You can change the location of the panels (they clip magnetically to the base).

The panel used in this lamp is Lumiotec's P04. It's a square panel 97.6 x 97.6 mm in size that features 40 lumens brightness, 10 lm/W and a color temperature of 2800K. The Desk Light is now available in Japan for ¥33,600 (about $336 USD). Here's a nice video showing this interesting lamp in action:

The second lamp is the PACO Organic Wall Light. The design is pretty similar, but this one is a wall-mounted lamp. The base is also magnetic and wooden, but this lamp has four panels (only one with an OLED, the rest are simple transparent panels). The OLED panel is the same Lumiotec P04.

The Wall Light is now available in Japan for ¥37,800 (about $377 USD).

From what I understand, Feel Lab will soon start marketing these lamps overseas. Yuo can find more information over at their site.

Posted: Jul 22,2013 by Ron Mertens