Ason Technology show their MPE OLED lighting panels

Ason Technology was established in 2006 in Japan to develop OLED lighting technologies. The company finally unveiled their first OLED lighting panel during the FPD International 2013 exhibition last month.

Ason's panel use Multi-Photo-Emission (MPE), which is a stacked emitter architecture, which is also used by Lumiotec. Usually MPE panels use about 3 layers, but Ason managed to stack 10 or more emitting layers which enables them to reach a very high brightness and CRI. Ason also developed their own diffusion reflection layer so that the emitted color does not change even when viewed from different angles.

Ason's panels offer 5,000 cd/m2 brightness (@4,000K), but the efficiency is low at 15 lm/W (it is an all-fluorescent panel).

Ason now plans to start producing panels at Renesas' Shiga fab by February 2014. Monthly production will only be about 100 panels (capacity is about 2,000 per month). These panels will use phosphorescent materials and will reach higher efficiencies. According to reports, Ason uses a process with 100% yield. By 2016, they plan to use a 5-Gen fab that will enable them to reach a monthly capacity of 100,000 20x20 cm panels.

Posted: Nov 13,2013 by Ron Mertens