DisplaySearch: LG's OLED TV will cost $8,000, will drop to $4,000 by end of 2013

DisplaySearch estimates that LG's 55" OLED TV (the 55EM9600) will retail for around $8,000 when it launches in 3Q 2012. The price will fall below $4,000 by the end of 2013 as sales volume increase and manufacturing cost will drop.

DisplaySearch also says that they expect LG to sell less than 500,000 units annually of these TVs. This is actually a bit optimistic - as LG themselves said that their production line will be able to output 30,000 TVs a month (that's only 360,000 sets a year).

Posted: Jan 03,2012 by Ron Mertens


... the LG one supposed to be the cheap one? "cheap" (considering all aspects) would be $4000 at launch and $2000 by the end of 2013. at least to me. and even that is stretching it and only possible because of the consideration that it's a new technology. but $8000/$4000? i wonder whether they'll find even 300,000 buyers at that price point.

Brand new cutting edge technology is never "cheap" no matter who makes it.  LG still has their cheap LED, LCD, and Plasma TV sets (ie a 55 inch 3D LED with built in wifi/web browser for under $1500).  This is something that's on a whole new level compared to the other tech out there.  So it deserves to be on a whole new price point.  There are still 55 inch LEDs retailing for almost $3000.  Considering this is 1/4 the thickness, over twice the refresh rate, has almost no border surrounding the panel, and has a whole new color technology, it's not unreasonable for the price to be out of reach for the normal consumer.  These TVs are for the people that don't particularly care about price. They want the newest and the best.  In about 2 years when other manufacturers off competition with their own OLED TVs and production costs drop, these will probably be in about the same price bracket as current top of the line LEDs.