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Yole Developpements sees the printed and flexible OLED equipment and materials markets emerging in 2015

Market research company Yole Developpement released a new report (Market & Technology Trends in Materials & Equipment for Printed & Flexible Electronics) in which they estimate that by 2020, the equipment & materials market for printed & flexible electronics will reach $1.65 billion.

Yole OLED lighting cost structure decrease chart

Yole estimates that the materials market will emerge in 2018, driven by the OLED industry (in 2020, the material market for printed and flexible OLEDs will reach $170 million). The equipment market will ramp-up in 2015. Yole expects the OLED equipment market to reach $1.3 billion in 2020.

Yole expects that in 2020 the OLED industry will produce almost 3 million m² of processed surface - this will represent 77% of the total printed electronics market. Market growth and technical innovation will be more challenging in non-OLED related fields.

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